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My name is Amy, but most people call me Aims. I am an Australian, living in Tokyo with my husband and two little boys. I have loved fabric, creating and sewing for as long as I can remember. Even before my mum taught me how to sew, I would dream up and sketch outfits for myself, family friends, imaginary clients… anyone!

I also have my family, scattered all over the globe, to thank for my long held love of travel. As I grew up and explored the world, I was drawn to textiles wherever I went and would always come back with treasured pieces to add to my fabric stash!

When my second son, Indy, was born here in Tokyo the idea for the store was also born. So it seemed right that the store was given the nickname his big brother gave him “Indy Bindy”.


Indy Bindy

The concept, my passion!

Japan is known for it’s beautiful design, attention to detail and high quality products – and Japanese textiles embody all of this. There are so many inspired fabric designers in Japan using a range of techniques from the traditional to modern. My driving purpose is to give you access to these amazing, small-scale, boutique designers that you wouldn’t otherwise get and to share their work with the world.

Each of our designers are true artists, who work with passion and pour their heart into their art. It brings me so much joy to share these fabrics with you.

Happy creating!


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